Barney's Law's


Barney's 1st law of Communications:

If you can't communicate, you can't help.


Barney’s First Law of Interoperability: 

It’s probably not the technical issues.


Barney’s Second Law of Interoperability: 

Under stress, Interoperability drops to a known robust factor, or Lowest Common Denominator.   (LCD)                             


Barney’s Third Law of Interoperability: 

There is significant unused capacity available,  IF you look ‘outside the box’, and not from traditional sources or channels.


 Barney’s Fourth Law of Interoperability: 

Never underestimate the range extension given a big antenna (or other resource)…


Barney’s Fifth Law of Interoperability:

If you don’t already have agreements and protocols with other allied agencies, you won’t have interoperability.


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