The Origins of c0™ / See Zero™ / Sea Zero™

"c0"  is a moniker for the strategy which created Modern Steganography. 


Modern Steganography is the application of computers to the classical problems in Steganography.

Steganography is the hiding of information in an innocuous format.

Modern Steganography was quietly created in 1985, with the advent of the Personal Computer.  A problem existed where information needed to be sent safely and securely between parties across restrictive communications channels.  Two engineers, Barrie Morgan and Mike Barney, working at Datotek, a small Dallas based company, took the challenge.  Sometimes called "M2B2", they created and fielded two steganographic systems, one of which was determined to be undetectable.  Many (but not all!) of the challenges and problems they solved in the mid-1980's have been 're-discovered' in commercial and Internet available steganographic systems of today.




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